About the Fund

The Commonwealth has launched a multi-million dollar capital campaign to match corporate and philanthropic donors with localities struggling to put together the resources to expand broadband infrastructure. To date, over $1.5 million has been pledged to connect communities across the Commonwealth. Virginia seeks partners to make pledges to the Commonwealth Connect Fund. Virginia will not collect pledged funds. Rather, donors will be matched directly to struggling localities seeking broadband grants (in consultation with the donor) and the Commonwealth Connect team will serve as facilitators and contacts.

Commonwealth Connect Fund pledges will be immediately leveraged many times over to help achieve universal broadband coverage for that locality. Fund donors will be honored when the project is announced and will be able to see direct, tangible, and measurable results from their donation in the form of thousands of home and business connections. This is a unique opportunity to gain the lasting goodwill of entire regions of the Commonwealth – these communities will never forget who helped them solve this critical problem and ensure that their children can be educated, their citizens can get 21st century healthcare, and their economies can avoid being left behind.

If you are interested in pledging to the Commonwealth Connect Fund, please contact the Governor’s Broadband Team at commonwealthconnect@governor.virginia.gov.

Foundational Pledgers



The Commonwealth Connect Team has prepared resources for groups interested in learning more or pledging to the Commonwealth Connect Fund (CCF). If you are interested in learning more about the Commonwealth Connect Fund, please contact the Governor’s Broadband Team at: commonwealthconnect@governor.virginia.gov

CCF Launch – November 2021 Commonwealth Connect Coalition Meeting

Commonwealth Connect Fund: One Pager

Commonwealth Connect Initiative: Additional Assistance for Localities